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This time, I’m going to talk about the Prussian Royal family – you know, the second Reich, Kaiser Wilhelm II and World War 1.

But I’m going back, much further back. I am going back to when they were only a Royal family, not an Imperial family (Kaiser means Emperor, or Caesar, as it sounds).

King Wilhelm I of Prussia – the first Emperor – was the father-in-law of my heroine, Vicky, Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter. This means that World War 1 put cousins at war – Queen Victoria’s grandchildren on both sides.

But my first book, Under His Spell, is set long before World War I. It is the love story of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s parents, and it is a beautiful love story.

I am also telling the story of Prince Charles (or Karl) of Prussia, the Rival in The Rival Courts. He is Kaiser Wilhelm I’s younger brother, but he longs to be King Karl.

Anyway, to get on to the Video:

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