Reviews of Under His Spell, The Rival Courts, Book 1.

Paula Vince was my first book-blogger reviewer. She kindly gave an excellent summary of the story.

4 Stars.

This is a thoroughly well researched story based on the life of Queen Victoria’s eldest child, a talented, smart and artistic girl who was known as Vicky. Starting with her childhood, it moves to her meeting with her future husband, Fritz of Prussia, a shy young man who bore scars from his upbringing. He came to visit the British Royal Family during London’s Great Exhibition of 1851. He was destined to become Friedrich III of Prussia, was nine years Vicky’s senior, but hit it off with her instantly. 

The tight community of royal families across the face of Britain and Europe made the world seem very small, but still huge for a teenager who had to move faraway to a foreign court full of corruption. Her sensitive husband had a bevy of frightening relatives, including his villainous and creepy Uncle Charles…. Read More

Ellery Alouette

Exceptional historical romance novel. I just loved every moment of this story. Highly recommended!! 5 stars

Jewel Hart

The first installment of The Rival Courts series, Under His Spell by Luv Lubker is an intriguing, captivating and fully entertaining historical novel about Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter, Vicky. It follows her courtship and first years of marriage to Prince Fritz, heir to the throne and later King of Prussia and German Emperor. Well-written and a super enjoyable read!!! 5 big stars from me!!

Ella James

Under His Spell by Luv Lubker is a fascinating and intimate historical romance novel that chronicles the friendship and marriage between the German Empress, Victoria, and Emperor Frederick III. It is an absolutely engaging and memorable read and comes highly recommended!! 5 stars

Jade Miller

Luv’s well informed creative telling of the lives of the royals is light yet disruptive in it’s transparentcy. Must read! 5 stars

Clare McHugh

This first novel is sprightly and very well-informed, It tells a poignant story and is great for anyone interested in Queen Victoria and her family, and specifically her eldest daughter Vicky, later Crown Princess of Prussia and Empress of Germany. 5 Stars

Michael Henry

The book tells the story of Vicky and Fritz in their younger lives which is not done very often.
The story line is carried very well with lively and interesting dialogue.
The author tells a story that is different from most we are familiar with and it takes some interesting turns which keep us in suspense.
I would recommend this book to any person interested in European royalty and specifically Queen Victoria’s family. 4 Stars

Victoria Babinski

An alternative story based on the early relationship of Vicky and Fritz. The author takes you on an intimate journey through the life and role of the Royal family, and invites you to share hidden secrets and private details that are rarely made public. A great first read. 5 Stars