About the Author

Luv Lubker has researched Queen Victoria’s family for over 7 years, and the Victorian Era for 10, as she read about Charlotte Bronte and the literary world before the Royals.

She has always more or less been a researcher, but her focus as a child was animals, biology.

She has read about many different branches of Queen Victoria’s family and their connections, but always comes back to Roger Fulford’s books of Queen Victoria’s letters with her eldest daughter, Victoria, Princess Royal, or Vicky, who married the future Emperor Friedrich III, Fritz, and became the mother of Kaiser Wilhelm II.

She has been teaching herself German for over 3 years and working to translate books of “Fritz”’s diary for over a year.

Luv lives in Texas and also enjoy spending time with her family, making and eating delicious raw food, riding her bike (which she has only been able to ride for a year even though she has been able to ride a unicycle since she was 7), reading and researching.